What to do in times of a global pandemic?

What to do in times of a global pandemic? - islamictribune.org

Pray for Everyone in the World

Everyone is worried about the current situation as the new coronavirus continues to spread across the world. We are praying for this to end and for everything to get better. We should pray not only for ourselves but for each and every being around the world regardless of ethnicity and religion.

Follow All the Instructions Released by Health Authorities

Protect yourself and others by following the instructions released by the health authorities by your area. Don’t act invincible and arrogant. You will not only put your own self at risk but others too.

Teach the People Around you About the Protective Measures

Share with your family and your kids the need to take precautions. Remind them to wash their hands and take care of their hygiene. It is also a good time to teach your kids about the teachings of Islam regarding hygiene and how we can stay safe by staying clean.

Take Care of Old & Underprivileged in your Surroundings

If there are old and/or underprivileged people in your neighbours, they need your help. Help them monetarily or physically. Help them in buying essential groceries. Send them food and help them in getting protective equipment like facemasks and gloves.

Talk to Your Kids

Kids sense the tension and stress. Talk to them and give them hope. Tell them that this is temporary, and everything will be back to normal soon.

Extend Your Support to the People in the Frontline

Express gratitude to the doctors, health professionals and other working hard to fight this disease and helping others too. If there is a doctor in your family, you can send them a message of thanks or even better a video message. It will uplift their morale and help them in their work.

Spend Your Self Isolation/Quarantine Time Positively

If you have free time at hand, spend it with your family, play games, learn something new, find a positive hobby. Get in touch with your distant relatives and check up on them. Have video conference calls with your siblings if they are in another city/country.

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