How did Hajj take place during a global pandemic?

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By the end of last month, the sound of Labbayk Allahumma labbayk surrounded the Kaaba as the annual hajj took place. This time although there was a big difference. Which is in the number of the people doing the hajj.

Due to the global Covid-19 situation, crowds are being avoided, while the authorities advise on taking all the precautions i.e. washing hands, limiting going out, wearing masks, and so on.

Scaling Back Hajj

Hajj is usually a gathering on 2.5 billion people from all around the world. It could have easily been the hot spot for a new surge in cases due to the human interaction involved. But keeping in mind the situation Saudi authorities decided to scale it back to only 10,000 people, al of whom were placed in short quarantine before hajj.

Regular Hajj

Photo of the crowd at Hajj

Hajj 2020

regular-hajj-How did Hajj take place during a global pandemic?-islamictribune.org

The stark difference can be noted in the photos. The first is a complete rush while the second has clear lines with social distancing and way lesser people.

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In Islam there is ease…

Yes, it does make us Muslims sad to see the situation but ours is a religion which in old times allowed people to pray at home because of the rain. so if there is a genuine reason and people will be hurt, religious authorities can make exceptions like the ones made during the coronavirus. Closing mosques/ limiting the entry of people/limiting hajj etc.

What can we do?

  • Follow the instructions of the authorities
  • Do not hear the false and ignorant propaganda claiming the pandemic to be a fake
  • Make lots of dua for this trial to end
  • Help the people around us who lost their jobs or are in any tough situation
  • If you are missing going to the masjid, mak up for it by doing extra ibadat

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